Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cordy's broken.

Cordy all strapped down
Originally uploaded by adrienna.
A couple of weeks ago, we had to take the scoot to POC. There were problems (like her stopping when I was going 40 mph in fourth gear, for one). Ultimately, POC is installing a new crank under warranty. At least it's early in the season and the weather's been so crappy.

And I'm watching American Pie on TV, and they cut out the flute part at the end. Bummer. Of course, I don't know how you would clean that up for TV.

Today is Easter. We went to brunch at John Q's downtown and then to the Cleveland Museum of Art for the Monet exhibit. Brunch was awesome, and the exhibit was cool -- lots of interesting tidbits about his life and all. I liked seeing stuff other than the damn water lilies! The seascapes, especially the rocky weather ones, were beautiful. Cool.

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