Monday, January 25, 2016

Training Recap - 01/18 to 01/24

I feel like my training was better when I had a plan, when I recapped the week and previewed the next week. I'm winging the plan these days (training myself, if you will, ala Brad Hudson's Run Faster from the 5k to the Marathon), but maybe I should put some more thought into it. Recapping and planning the week ahead will help.

I also bought myself a wrist-based heart rate monitor (Mio Link) that connects to my Garmin or my phone/iPad, so that should be some fun data to track. I've just been using it to track my HR during runs/workouts, but I think I'm going to start checking it first thing in the morning for a while.

The plan going into the week was to bump up my mileage a bit (from low 20s to mid 20s) and to do two strength-training sessions and probably one cross-training. As my calf is feeling better and I am upping my mileage, I'm guessing XT will fall again. I need to keep up with the strength though. Only goal for the first half of the year is to stay injury-free -- any "fast" races are bonuses.

I ended up with 27+ miles and two strength-training sessions (admittedly, however, the second one was much weaker than the first). No cross-training.

Monday: 3.25 TM miles | 10:46, easy | 146 avg HR | full-body strength
Gear: Saucony Mirage 5
I ran 3 miles slowly and walked a quarter-mile to fully cool down. I followed that up with about 25 minutes strength-training. I didn't do as much ab work as I should have, but I did stretch and foam-roll a bit; I also did my Myrtls.

Tuesday: 5 TM miles | 10:31, speed | 162 avg HR, 188 max
Gear: Saucony Kinvara 5, calf sleeves
Because of my cranky calf, I am easing into speed workouts. I warmed up for a mile, ran two miles at half-marathon pace (9:03), ran moderate for a quarter-mile (10:00), ran a quarter-mile "fast" (8:00), walked until my HR dropped, jogged until I hit 4.5 miles and then walked until I hit 5. I followed that up with some stretching, but I skipped my Myrtls and don't think I did any foam-rolling. I iced my calf while having a beer.

Wednesday: 4 miles | 10:08, pub run | 169 avg HR, 186 max
Gear: Saucony RunShield Kinvara 5, calf sleeves
Monthly pub run! We were a little group of four among the big group, and we just ran pretty easy (although my max heart rate indicates otherwise). I foam-rolled my legs when I got home, and they felt better.

Thursday: 4 miles | dog running | 150 avg HR, 174 max | strength
Gear: Saucony RunShield Kinvara 5, right calf sleeve
I had THE BEST dogs Thursday night. I started with Karma, a cattle dog/terrier mix, who is gentle and responsive. We easily ran 2 miles, and I only cut it short because of the cold. She got something (maybe salt?) in her back paw and had no problem with me removing it. Very sweet. Stops, pees and sniffs some. I followed up Karma with Minnie who is another mix. They say shepherd and Shiba Inu. Her ears look like a Corgis - so cute. She recently had surgery so she's on a strict exercise regimen and I was happy to help. She needed 20-25 minutes so we did another 2 miles. She likes to hold the leash. I followed up with about 20 minutes of at-home strength-training (lunges, pushups, etc.).

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles | trail | 12:36 pace | 169 avg HR, 185 max
Gear: Saucony Peregrine 5, calf sleeves
A group of us met Saturday morning to check out a new trail. Honestly I didn't feel great. I didn't drink a lot Friday night, but I also didn't eat a lot, nor did I drink enough water. We parked at the Wetmore trailhead, but crossed the street to do part of the Langes trail, finishing up on the Wetmore. Good loop that we can easily add on more mileage. My right calf felt mostly okay, and I stretched, rolled and did my Myrtls afterward.

Sunday: 6 miles | 10:19, easy | 164 avg HR, 175 max
Gear: Saucony RunShield Kinvara 5, calf sleeves
We met at the Towpath for six easy miles. I lagged behind the group some to keep my heart rate down. (Why is it always so high?! Starting to do more research.) I felt better than Saturday though.It was really cold initially, but it did warm up by the end. My right calf bothered me a little afterward, but nothing bed. Stretching seemed to help, although I did not do enough.

Upcoming week:
Things are tricky this week. I have a massage Thursday, and we're going to Pittsburgh for the weekend. I need to be a grown-up and get shit done despite other activities. Aiming for mid20s again, but realistically only one strength session. I should be able to fit in some ab work maybe, and at least foam-rolling uses my upper body!
  • Monday: 3-6 miles - if at the gym, I'll add speed, strength and XT; if not, I'll do some at-home stuff while foam-rolling, stretching and Myrtling
  • Tuesday: dog running so 3-5 miles with foam-rolling, stretching and Myrtling later
  • Wednesday: group run so 5-6 miles probably, hopefully I'll at least Myrtl
  • Thursday: 3 miles, easy (before work) + massage after work
  • Friday: 6 miles, before work, hopefully I'll at least Myrtl and do some foam-rolling before going to work
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: 3-5 miles, easy (or maybe trail in my neighborhood) plus foam-rolling, stretching and Myrtling
Thursday, Friday & Sunday are going to be the issue! I should probably try to front-load mileage as much as I can.

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