Sunday, November 08, 2015

Training Recap - 11/02 through 11/08

I started the week following an intermediate maintenance plan from McMillan, which had scheduled 330 to 420 minutes, easy. (I also joined the McMillan RunClub to test out the community, plans, etc.) The plan goes by minutes, while my mind still goes by miles -- it's weird, but I'm giving it a shot! On Thursday, I switched to a 5k plan (230 to 260 minutes). I'm guessing I will be above the minutes for the 5k plan, but that's okay. I wanted to switch it up, run less but also run harder.

Anyhow, to sum up the week: 5 runs for 22 miles and 230 minutes running. I did a little strength training (squats, core, push-ups) so that's a good thing. I'm disappointed in how Saturday's race went (I should be able to do that trail race at a 10-minute pace), and I'm disappointed that my volume was so low. However, maybe it's what I need.

Monday: 5.28 miles, 9:44 pace (52:00), Newton Fate + Myrtl + strength
Target: run 50-60 minutes (5k plan = 30 minutes)
I ran in a neighborhood by work, so I wasn't always 100% sure where I was. The intent was to run 50 minutes. I changed my watch to show current pace (but didn't look at it) and time, and I discovered that view is elapsed time (may need to make a view that is JUST time). I planned to run for 50 minutes and ended up stopping at 52 when I got back to the car. ANYHOW. It was dark and I hated that, but I was able to wear shorts and short-sleeves, so that was nice.

Tuesday: 4.2 miles, 10:07 pace (42:30), Saucony Kinvara 5 + Myrtl
Target: run 40-60 minutes (5k plan = off, XT or easy 30 minutes)
I met Aaron for a 40-minute run after work at the Bike & Hike. Completely dark, but again, I was able to wear shorts and short-sleeves. I felt generally okay, but lacked much desire to further. Negative split, at least.

Wednesday: 5 miles, 9:48 pace (49:05), Saucony Zealot blue
Target: run 60-75 minutes (group run) 
Aaron and I ended up skipping the group run on the Towpath and running in Kent. It was nice running with streetlights, and the temps were fantastic. Obviously I was supposed to run for at least an hour, but it's hard to feel that motivated during maintenance. We ran quickly, with a negative split. Of note: the blue Zealots are really feeling dead, and my right calf was okay without compression, although it was still noticeable.

Thursday: 3.3 miles, 40 minutes dog running + Myrtl + strength
Target: run 40-60 off, XT or easy 30 minutes
I had the joy of running with Harvey Dent, a young hound/Jack Russell mix. To me, he seemed like a giant JR. Good pup, cute, strong, lots of energy. We kept a good pace even with his frequent stopping to sniff. I stretched and foam-rolled when I got home and then followed up with squats, abs, and push-ups.

Note: On Thursday, I changed my McMillan plan from a maintenance plan to a 5k plan ending Sunday, Jan. 17, which is the date of the 4-mile Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run. I expect that I will run on the high end of the range here, but I figured this might be more motivating than the maintenance plan. After the race, I'll just jump into the 10k program for the Dirty Love or start the half-marathon program for Athens -- we'll see how they line up.

Friday: rest 

Saturday: 4.4 miles, 46:45 (10:38), Saucony Peregrine
Target: Munroe Falls Trail Race (4.4 miles)
→ should be long run, 90-105 50-60 minutes 

I'm pretty disappointed in this. Slower than the first race by about 40 seconds, and I have no idea why. I think I should have run a course PR. I feel like I'm broken.

Sunday: unplanned rest
Target: run 50-60 off, XT or easy 30 minutes
For several reasons, a run didn't happen today, but at least we raked leaves -- that's some activity at least.

Upcoming week: 
  • Monday: 30 minutes, easy
  • Tuesday: hill run (warmup, 6-8 repeats, cooldown)
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes, easy (probably will go longer since it's group run night; also considering moving the hill workout to Wednesday)
  • Thursday: 30 minutes, easy
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 60-75 minutes, easy
  • Sunday: 5k

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