Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Recap: Week 9 of Half-Marathon Training with Hansons

Taper week! Truth be told, I was ready for a little break. So, so tired. I ended up with 37ish miles and, truthfully, some tears after Saturday's race.

Monday: 7 miles with 4 at 9:11, 9:02, 9:01, 8:34, 9:44 overall pace, Newton Distance III
Target: 7 miles with 4 at 9:09
It was only in the mid80s and fairly humid (storms a-comin'), but I doubt my ability to run 4 miles at pace on the treadmill. Luckily I missed the storms and only encountered rain during my cooldown. The paces are inconsistent, and I think that was partly because I, of course, doubted myself. I remembered the last failed pace run (two weeks ago, in HOT and humid weather), but I tried to put it out of my mind. I wasn't upset about the 9:11 and figured if they all ended up at 9:11, that's fine. Clearly I could have done better -- mile 4 was way too fast -- but I will take the run as encouragement that I am in better shape and I am capable of running 9:09s for a half-marathon... in October.

Tuesday: 3.25 miles, 10:46 pace, Saucony Zealot
Target: 3 miles, easy
→Tuesday was supposed to be 5 and Wednesday 3, but I switched them. 3 is easier to get in before work (hair appointment after work) *and* the longer mileage Wednesday is better for the group run since everyone else will be running longer.
Ugh. Less than 12 hours after finishing the pace run, I was up to get in this short run before work. Not much to say. I felt okay, although if I didn't know my pace, I would have said I was running 10:30s. It was in the neighborhood so it was a little hillier. Also 88% humidity (but the temps were cooler, of course).

Wednesday: 5 miles, 10:01 pace, Saucony Zealot
Target: 5 miles, easy
It was lovely out, and I attribute that to my negative split: 10:20, 10:17, 10:05, 9:55, 9:29. A little faster than prescribed, but given the weather, the lower mileage and time between runs, it's to be expected. Quads were a little sore for some reason (neighborhood isn't that hilly).

Thursday: rest
I should have foam-rolled, but I didn't.

Friday: 3 miles, 11:20 pace, Saucony Zealots
Target: 3 miles, easy
Another pre-work run, and I just don't get the "peaceful" run stuff about morning runs. It takes so much for me to wake up. I didn't feel great, not bad exactly. Plus I ended up walking during the third mile trying to deal with a bug in my eye.

Plus, I'm hungry all day: before noon, I've had water, Nuun, cereal & almond milk, iced coffee w/ milk, Kind bar, water, 1/2 of a Clif bar and another Nuun. I was tempted to eat my leftover pizza in the morning and then get Panera for lunch. Ridiculous.

Saturday: 16 miles with a 2:11 half-marathon, Saucony Kinvara 5
Target: 16 miles with HM
I'm like a broken record with this race. Recap coming soon, but the 2:11 is not good. Completely fell apart. Again.

Sunday: 3 miles, 12+ pace, Saucony Kinvara 5
Target: 3 miles, easy
3 hot miles after Saturday's race were rough. There was weird pain in my lower right side, so I basically walked the first mile. Felt a little better in miles 2 and 3, although there was walking there too. I think I was dehydrated (well, more like my electrolytes were out of whack). But whatever.

Upcoming week:

  • Monday: 5 miles, easy
  • Tuesday: 8 miles with 10x400s
  • Wednesday: 5 miles, easy
  • Thursday: off
  • Friday: 8 miles with 5 at pace
  • Saturday: 6 miles, easy
  • Sunday: 12 miles, long
This schedule may change -- not sure if I'm recovered enough for a workout tomorrow, so I have some discussions going on with my coach -- but as of right now, that's the plan. 

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