Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Recap: Week 6 of Half-Marathon Training with Hansons

44 miles for the week! That's a lot of miles on this body, but I feel okay. I am trying to eat better and consume fewer calories from delicious craft beer -- we'll see how that works! (I am not depriving myself, though; I am just trying to be more cognizant of what I'm eating and how I feel.) I hit my workouts this week (barely, I admit), but I'm progressing!

Monday: 8 miles (TM) with 4x1200s at 10k pace: 8:27, 8:34, 8:25, 8:22, Saucony Kinvara 5
Target: 8 miles with 4x1200s at 8:21 to 8:42 pace & 600m rest
I wasn't sure how this workout was going to go because I'd just run 10 hot, humid miles the day before. I was feeling relatively okay beforehand, but it was 90 degrees and just gross outside. I decided hitting my paces was more important than running outside, so home to the basement treadmill I went. Overall, SUCCESS! I turned on Buffy, warmed up for 1.76 miles and then started my workout: .75 miles at 6.9/7.0 mph with .37 recovery at 5.0 mph, repeat 4 times and then cool down for 1.76 miles. I just followed my watch (I have a footpod), so it has my paces as a little quicker. I don't know which is more accurate, but I do know that either way, I hit all of my paces!

One odd note: my arches were really bothering me afterward, especially my left one.

Tuesday: 6 miles, 10:33 pace, Saucony Zealots
Target: 6 miles, easy
Nothing to talk about here. Took it easy to recover from Monday and prepare for Wednesday, although this was a somewhat hilly bike path. But as Hansons says, don't avoid the hills! In any case, I'm starting to struggle with the comparison trap. It really pisses me off when others -- who aren't working as hard as I am -- perform better. I don't know what to do about that -- that's definitely a "me" problem, not their problem. Jealousy sucks.

Wednesday: 7 miles with 4 at 9:06 pace, Saucony Kinvara 6
Target; 7 miles with 4 at 9:09
Well, I hit the goal, but I was a little slower than last week, which is disappointing. I set up the workout on my watch, which was nice because I wasn't constantly checking my pace. I let my Garmin alert me if I was going too slowly (after settling in during mile 1, that only happened in mile 3); however, I felt like I also ran a little slower than I might have if I had been checking my pace constantly. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Thursday: 5 miles (TM), easy, Saucony Zealots
Target: 5 miles, easy
I had plans after work (Indians game with work people), so if I wanted to keep Friday as my rest day, I had to run before work. The treadmill and Buffy seemed easiest, so that's the route I went. I ran slowly and increased my speed gradually -- but ran very, very easy. Running 5 miles less than 12 hours after I ran 7 was a little hard, but I did it. (And my quads are sore! So glad I have 48 hours until I have to run again!)

Friday: rest
Sweet, glorious rest.

Saturday: 12 miles, 10:37 pace, Saucony Zealots (pink)
Target: 12 miles, long
I will call this a success! I did the first 9 on the Towpath and then finished with 4 on the hill (2 up, 2 down). I ran completely up the hill, and the last miles were quick due to the descent. I'm pretty happy (Aaron and the other guy we were with didn't run the entire way up the hill).

Sunday: 6 miles, 10:43 pace, Newton Fate
Target: 6 miles, easy
If I'm going to run this much, I'm going to need to cycle in some of my other shoes. The Fates were fine. I ran really slowly during this run and naturally negative-split it. My last mile was probably too fast (under 10).


  • Monday: 8 miles with three 1-mile repeats at 10k pace
  • Tuesday: 5 or 6, easy
  • Wednesday: 7 miles with four at HM pace
  • Thursday: 5 or 6, easy (depends on what I do Tuesday)
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 12, long
  • Sunday: 5, easy

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