Monday, June 08, 2015

Weekly Recap

Training for Columbus starts next Monday, so I'm just chugging along these last two weeks. My right leg is a little troublesome, so hopefully that will improve over the next week as well.

I did sign up with Hansons Coaching for some additional help for my training program. I've traded emails with my coach, and I have my plan (which is similar to the one I would have followed in the book). I'm hoping that a little financial investment will help keep me motivated. Plus, I just need some help with setting paces, especially in the beginning.

My coach said to stick with 25 miles this week and next -- nailed it! I had 25.75 miles this week, and I did the Myrtl routine most days (although I skipped Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Monday: 3 miles, 29:54, Saucony Zealots
I really needed about 5 miles, but I had things to do after work. I ran around my neighborhood at a pretty even pace even with the hills, so that's encouraging. Never felt great and certainly didn't feel like running more either. Followed up with the Myrtl routine.

Tuesday: 6 miles, 59:28, Saucony Triumphs
I didn't have a plan for this, just took it easy. The guys ran 5 (I got there early and killed time by running a mile beforehand), and they kept it closer to 9 after the first mile, so I didn't try to keep up. I felt a little sluggish.

Wednesday: 6 miles, 1:06, trails, Saucony Peregrines
About 3.5 of this was on trails, the rest was running to and from the park. There was a Summit Metroparks Spree run at the park in our neighborhood so we did instead of our usual group run. This group run was a loop of a pretty short trail. We ran the first loop solo and the second loop with another friend. Good run. Felt really, really good on the first loop actually (was fast for me). The run home was a struggle.

Thursday: 3.5 miles, 37 minutes, Saucony Triumphs
I would like to say I was practicing running at my easy and recovery paces, but I didn't really feel like I could go much faster. I was solo, so maybe if I'd been in a group, I would have gone faster, hard to say. My calves were pretty sore, and it took a while to loosen up. I stopped a couple of times to stretch them.

Friday: off (working & traveling to WV)

Saturday: 7.25 miles, 1:44, trails, Saucony Peregrines
Calling this a run feels like a stretch. We were at Blackwater Falls, and there are tons of trails (20 miles' worth). They're small, though, and the map wasn't that easy to follow, so it was tricky to put together a good run. But we did it! It was a really great day, actually. The park is about an hour from my parents' house, so we drove there with the Jeep's top back. The temps were good, it was slightly overcast in the morning and we never got rained on.

Sunday: off
Honestly, I had wanted to run, but when I woke up, my calves were KILLING me. Given that, the fact that we were short on time and my coach said 25 miles/week this week and next, skipping any run made sense.

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