Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Recap

Race week, which means I tapered this week. 26+ miles for the week with a little strength on Monday and the Myrtle routine throughout the week (although I don't think I've done them since Friday - duh!).

Monday: 5 miles, treadmill, intervals, Saucony Kinvaras
I didn’t have a set plan, but I warmed up and cooled down roughly for a mile each. Then I ran .4 at 7-7.5 mph (so 8:34 to 8:00) and recovered for .1. I wasn’t feeling great, but I did okay. Mostly I was cranky that it was raining and I couldn’t hit the trails.

Tuesday: 5.25 miles, trails, Saucony Peregrines
I met Aaron after work at Sand Run. It was a little faster than last week (12:30 pace), but still not confidence-boosting.

Wednesday: 5 miles, towpath, Saucony Peregrines
I brought the wrong shoes! Just an easy run with the training group. Ran out with one person, ran back with another. 

Thursday & Friday: rest

Saturday: Salt Fork Spring Challenge, 10.4 miles, 2:21, 13:34 pace, Saucony Peregrines
This will be its own post, but it was a great race, great course and overall great experience. My lack of training was quite evident, but that's okay. 

Sunday: rest

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