Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Monday! This week is starting off way better than the last two. I'm not sick, and I'm not overly tired -- but I am a little worried about MY NEW KITTY.

A friend of a friend needs to get rid of their cats because the new baby is allergic. There are three, although one might stay. And we might take the one we didn't take, but we have to get the first one acclimated!

Meet Sullivan:

He's around 7 years old, and he had a ROUGH day yesterday. We went to his house, and he was super-nice and sweet with us. So of course we steal him and take him to our house. The good news is that Duncan is FANTASTIC. I am so proud of him. I think he's sad that Sully doesn't want to play. In fact, Sully hasn't done anything yet. He was behind the couch when I left.

Normally I would have him separated, but I don't want to freak him out any more by forcing him to do something. And Duncan isn't going to hurt him, he's mostly ignoring him, although he's meowing a lot more. (And I'm not going to lock up Dunks all day. When I get home tonight, though, I will lock up Duncan and try to lure out Sully with some canned food. He needs to eat!)

Duncan: "I'm sad. I know there's a kitty here."

We'll just hit the weekly recap here since I didn't do much after Sunday's half-marathon and subsequent illness.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 4 miles, 10-minute pace, Saucony Zealots
Thursday - rest
Friday - 1-mile walk, Saucony Triumphs + strength-training
Saturday - 12-mile run, slow, Saucony Zealots
Sunday - rest

See? Not much to talk about. This week will be more normal, but I'll barely hit 100 miles this month. CRAZY. But I'm back at it with renewed purpose (more on that later -- once I really figure out what that means!).

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