Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Recap

I took it easy last week since I was in recovery mode after Athens. I always have to suppress the urge to NOT rest since my race didn't go as hoped.

Although I knew I wasn't in shape to sub-2. You have to run those paces to expect to hit them for 13 miles on race day. Enough about that damn race.

  • Monday: rest, glorious rest; I thought about taking a walk, but then I simply didn't feel like it
  • Tuesday: NoBo run + 1-mile beforehand to see how I was feeling (4.33 miles)
  • Wednesday: HM pub run + a little extra (5 miles in 48 min)
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 11.1 miles with NoBo & the HM group
  • Sunday: 6.5-mile Buckeye Trail Run with Aaron (hard, but my fastest time yet)

So I ended up with roughly 27 miles, mostly at an easy pace. No pilates or strength. I didn't really intend to take Thursday and Friday off, but I just wasn't motivated to do anything (on Friday). This week will be different - and back to normal.

Sidenote: Last Thursday, we went to a Goose Island beer school at The Rail. We've attended several of those, and they're always fun, even if I spend too much money eating there afterward. Goose Island doesn't really try to break too much new ground; they like to make good versions of standards. It also seems that the InBev deal hasn't hurt them too much (yet?). The influx of money and resources was probably nice, and it seems like Goose Island is still able to be creative. Good for them.

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