Wednesday, May 08, 2013


It's been awhile since I posted. Even the May 1 post isn't a real post - it's just an auto-post from my Goodreads account. Anyhow, to catch up:

  • I ran over 110 miles in April. 
  • I also hit four yoga classes and did six strength-training sessions. 
  • I even lost 1.5 pounds.
  • I ran 5k on Monday night in 27:08, which is an 8:45 pace and super-fast for me. There's hope for the Marietta 5k! My current PR is 28:30, so I should be able to beat that - hopefully soundly.
  • I got a new job. I start May 20, the day after the Cleveland half-marathon.
So May is busy. I'm trying to finish up stuff at my current job, train, shop (have to dress like a grown-up at my new job!) and prepare myself for less vacation. That was the biggest con, actually, to taking the job, but I'll survive. I negotiated some days off, and I chose to revise some plans or let some things go. I wish I'd said my start date would be May 21 so I would have a day off between old job and new, but I didn't think of it. I'll be okay. 

I've seen a sports chiropractor twice now. He's doing Active Release Therapy on my left leg and my hip flexors, and it has definitely helped the IT band/hamstring issues I've been having. I also received some cold laser therapy that was pretty neat. It's supposed to help with cell regeneration, I guess? I'll go again -- hopefully for the last time -- after the Cleveland half-marathon. I'm hoping I can move to sports massages after that. 

He gave me a bunch of exercises to help strengthen my legs and hip flexors, and I'm trying to be a good girl and do them. I did the lunge series with my regular workout last week and was hurting for days. I'm hoping today's workout won't hurt me for days, but we'll see. I keep doing different things in my workouts, and today I focused on mostly body-weight stuff -- gotta get used to not having a gym since I'm losing my gym membership with the new job. (I'm sure I'll get another, but I might take the summer off from having a gym. We'll see. And that said, I am going to miss my lunchtime workouts! Hopefully I'll be able to work in something in the new gig.)

The sports chiro is essentially an elite runner. He qualified for the marathon trials and is super-fast. His wife, who is the massage therapist, is also an awesome runner. I like that they're runners -- and that no one is trying to force adjustments on me.

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