Monday, March 18, 2013


Thoughts swirling around in my head right now:

Am I really supposed to feel sorry for two guys WHO RAPED SOMEONE? "Their lives are over." Rape isn't an accident. And the lesson isn't "watch what you tweet." Good god. I don't care about them -- how's the girl doing? Oh that's right, she's getting death threats. Society sucks sometimes.
OU is going to the NIT instead of the NCAA tournament. They should have played better on Saturday.
Last week's "training" was pretty sad. 16 miles, one strength and one yoga. Should have been 32 miles, two strengths and one yoga. On the plus side, I did hit speedwork and hillwork last week.
Weekend in Hocking Hills was fun, yet exhausting. I'm getting a little old.

  • We can kill two sixth-barrels plus a shit-ton of liquor and other beer pretty quickly. 
  • We also tend to overestimate the amount of food we need. That's smart, though. 
  • We watch questionable movies: FDR, American Badass starts out pretty strong, but definitely fades. Schoolgirl Hitchhikers and The Van are pretty bad movies (and also show that the 70s were full of rape culture, sad that it seems like little has changed - see the first bullet). Ted is still hilarious.
  • Running a hilly route the morning after is ROUGH.
  • Sleep is underrated. 
  • Kitties are missed.
I'm driving a Passat right now since the GTI has a check engine light (covered under warranty, at least). I like the GTI more, although the Passat's back seat is effin' huge.
I signed up for a 6.6-mile race that's going to take place about an hour after I run 10 miles. That should be interesting.
I haven't felt like reading anything lately. That makes me sad, but nothing is interesting me right now. I am working on Eat & Run, but that's not exactly a page-turner, more of a research exercise.
This week's plan, but it's flexible as always:
  • Monday: strength + run (maybe speedwork, but I'm still recovering from the weekend)
  • Tuesday: yoga + easy run
  • Wednesday: strength + run
  • Thursday: speedwork
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 9-mile run
  • Sunday: strength + easy run

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