Sunday, November 11, 2012

30-mile week!

Here I am, posting from the car. Stupid Blogger app won't let me turn the phone so I'm unlikely to type very much.

Much of this week was spent out of town so I'm extra happy with the ability get in just over thirty miles. Nothing else though so that's not so pride-inducing. In any case, it helped that my long run last week was Sunday and I got in a longish run this Friday.

I worked from Virginia for two day while Aaron was in training. Then we headed to Maryland for the weekend.

With Lucy Jones who is unsure of Aaron when he speaks in a particular voice.

Aaron and I ran 8.5 miles on Friday and then boarded the Metro to head to the Crime and Punishment Museum, which was pretty interesting. Medieval torture devices, lots of info.

We ran again on Saturday morning, this time with Lucy. It was my first time running with a dog. She's 7-ish months old so she's just a puppy. She was pretty good, although I had trouble slowing her down. It was fun though.

All in all, a great weekend, but I miss my kitties!

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