Friday, October 26, 2012

Falling short

I had all this text written, but you know what? It's whiny and it's the same ol' thing: I tried, I didn't meet my arbitrary goals, I'll try better next month. (The month's not even over, and I'm lamenting my lack of success?)

Whatever. I'm lazy -- no surprises there.

It's my birthday weekend! Well, basically. I got a card from parents (thanks!), and Aaron's taking me to The Wilds tomorrow (which will be followed by a visit to Weasel Boy). There might be tailgating on Sunday. (And Aaron already got me a super-cool OU hoodie when we were in Athens a couple of weeks ago.)

All good stuff.

I'm not sure what's happening on the running front this weekend. I want to run longish tomorrow before The Wilds, but the weather isn't looking promising (mid-40s, 70% chance of rain). I don't know that I'm that much of a badass to run 10 miles in that kind of weather -- although I'm guessing that some of my friends will be doing so.

And sigh. Let's bring on the weekend.

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