Monday, October 22, 2012

Decent Week

No real complaints about this week's workouts:
  • Mon: 6-mile interval
  • Tue: skipped yoga, ran 3.6 on the trails
  • Wed: 30-minutes of strength-training, 6-mile easy run
  • Thu: rest
  • Fri: 2-mile hike
  • Sat: 4.5-mile trail race
  • Sun: 6-mile progression run
Rough plan for this week:
  • Mon: 2-mile hike
  • Tue: 4-mile run before work, yoga, 2-3 miles after yoga (not sure if walking or running)
  • Wed: strength-training, 6-mile easy or progression run
  • Thu: 2-mile hike and/or 4- to 6-mile run after work (intervals)
  • Fri: 4-mile easy run
  • Sat: long run (10 miles easy or a shorter trail run)
  • Sun: rest
Of course, the bigger news might be me trading in the Forester, but that's not a done deal yet so that's all I'll say about that.

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