Tuesday, August 07, 2012

On a Tuesday

Last Tuesday was a close friend's birthday. Her boyfriend put together a little thing for her on Tuesday night, but of course I couldn't attend - it was 2 hours away and in the middle of the week. Plus, I'd just seen them over the weekend for another birthday party for two other people.

Or could I? I have vacation to use, right? So I left work early to head down to Parkersburg. I'm not sure when her boyfriend and I decided it should be a surprise, but we both tacitly seemed to decide that. I showed up at her house shortly before we needed to leave for the Net. She definitely wasn't expecting me. 

And then the party started. And didn't end until late that night/early that morning. Lots of beer and bottle caps (deep-fried jalapeno slices). ON A TUESDAY. So fun. I should do things like that more often. Even though I spent all of Wednesday preparing for my 6-miler that night. (And actually, it worked. The 6-miler - including the bitchy hill - went great! Excessive drinking and way too much fried food is proper fuel when followed up by a day of carbs, water and electrolytes.)

The beautiful birthday girl

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