Sunday, June 24, 2012


I finally had a good run yesterday. In fact, all of yesterday was good!

We got up early to do nine miles with our group. I set out with a plan, although I didn't tell anyone I had a plan. I wanted to run each mile between 10:30 and 11:00, and then I thought about making the last mile "race pace." So that's what I did. When mile 3 clocked in at 10:23, I deliberately backed off and let the group go on ahead. Aaron was concerned that I was having another shitty run, but I wasn't! I kept on with the second half faster than the first half and the final mile at 9:54. Success! (I think I'm going to go into more runs with a plan. That should help the plateau, right?)

After that, we got some breakfast/lunch at Panera and headed home to shower - had to get up to Mentor so I could test-ride some motorcycles. That deserves its own post, though. These are bikes I've been super-interested in, and now I feel completely comfortable with making a decision - and possibly selling the Speed Four down the road.

And then, then, then... I sold the Hyundai! It was a long sale, but it finally worked out. And I can put that money toward the van.

Kissing Ellie goodbye
Then we headed to my company's summer fun event at the zoo and followed that up with drinks at Lockview. A great Saturday!

Sunday couldn't compare, of course, so we just got lunch and finally mulched. Looks so much better!

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