Monday, April 09, 2012

Week in review

Last week went okay, as far as working out goes:

Monday - rest
Tuesday - yoga, 4-mile run
Wednesday - 5-mile run (group)
Thursday - GOTR/2-mile run
Friday - 3.65-mile hike, yoga
Saturday - 11-mile run (group)
Sunday - rest

I'm starting to get a little more confident about doing workouts before the long runs. A little more. Long runs are hard enough without me having sore muscles, but at the same time, I can't use that as an excuse to be lazy.

I was all set to run after work, but my negative attitude is making me want to do nothing. Hopefully by the time this publishes, I'll be running off the toxic attitude I have today!

This week's plan:

Monday - 4- to 6-mile run
Tuesday - yoga, weights
Wednesday - 5-mile run (group)
Thursday - yoga, 3- to 4-mile run
Friday - rest or maybe strength-training
Saturday - 5-mile run (group)
Sunday - 10-mile race

Thursday's run isn't super-important, so I might repeat Tuesday's workout there. We'll see. If I can't get out of work early on Thursday, yoga won't happen anyhow. (GOTR is off this week because of spring break.)

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