Monday, December 12, 2011

Not meant to be.

Well, the trailer wasn't meant to be.

We had the holiday party on Friday night, which was fun (pictures to come... eventually). We stayed the night at the Hyatt at the Arcade, which is a pretty cool building with shops and stuff.

We stayed up late, but still got up shortly after 7 am on Saturday. We were on the road by 8, which was perfect timing. We anticipated a six-hour trip. The dealer closes as 2, but would stay open later for us if necessary. With the time change in Illinois, we figured it wouldn't be necessary, and it wasn't.

We stopped a few times for drinks and food and gas, and we arrived right on time in Morris, IL. Pulling into to the dealership, we saw the trailer and it was perfect.

But it wasn't. This was a brand new trailer, yet the lid was misaligned. And it seemed too flimsy to haul our precious cargo. And just because we spent a bazillion in gas and got up early after partying - well, that wasn't reason enough to buy it. It was kind of depressing to go all that way and come home empty-handed, so we didn't. We headed to Three Floyds!

We did the tour and then a friend came down from Chicago to eat dinner with us. And drink a few beers, of course. I had three at the brewpub: the Rune Priest, a bourbon-barrel-aged stout and...  I'm drawing a blank. I remember considering the Sand Pebbles, but I'm pretty sure I went another way. Maybe the Arctic Panzer Wolf?

The bourbon barrel one was good, but - and this is my fault - it had a really pronounced anise flavor, which was fully disclosed in the description; I just ignored it. The anise scent mixed with the bourbon scent was pretty appealing though. The Panzer Wolf is kind of their classic IPA, and it's pretty good - very clean. The Rune Priest is a Belgian-style pale ale, and it was good, although there was some flavor that I couldn't quite place that made me not buy more.

We also bought some to take home with us, so I had another beer before crashing hard in the hotel. The Gumballhead wheat beer isn't your typical wheat beer. Nice carbonation, although I like my wheat beers a little yeastier.

We should have bought more beer, I think! I really wish we'd brought the Alpha Klaus (holiday porter) home with us. We have a Christmas beer tasting to go to soon, and it would have been nice to bring some of that. We didn't know it was happening until yesterday afternoon. Oh well.

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