Thursday, December 08, 2011

December Ramblings

I can't believe it's already Dec. 8. Doesn't everyone say things like that?

My company's holiday party is tomorrow, and I CANNOT find a dress. I didn't really want to buy anything, but I'm a little between sizes as far as stuff in my closet goes. However, I'm wearing a dress that I wore at Cocoa Beach last year, and that will have to do. At least I like the dress - and it doesn't cost me anything.

Tomorrow night, we're heading up to Cleveland for the party at House of Blues. We're staying the night at the Hyatt and then getting up super-early on Saturday to head to Illinois to buy an enclosed trailer!

Looks like scoots will go to FYBO this year!

The trailer dealer closes at 2 (their time), so that's the reason for the super-early wakeup time on Saturday. Then we're heading back east about an hour so we can tour 3 Floyds Brewery and then eat dinner at the brewpub. Even better, at least one friend is going to meet us there. We'll stay the night out there and head back to Ohio Sunday morning.

And Sunday night, I will see if Dallas can actually respond to the threat of the Giants. Given the inconsistency and the mismanagement and the penalties, I'm not hopeful.

And I can't have a post without info about running, so here it goes: I'm really trying to get my speed up this month (and next) while also reestablishing my running base. Then I'll be good to go when I hit half-marathon training full-steam... although I'm starting to get a little worried that March's Rock-n-Roll race will not be the race I PR in. After reading reviews of the Las Vegas and the Savannah races, I'm concerned about mismanagement, especially as this is the first year that RnR has taken over the DC race.

Oh, and I've already hit two yoga classes and done a few strength-training sessions (and will do another at lunch today). Progress, I hope!

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