Thursday, November 03, 2011

Another week of excuses.

I'm going to end up with fewer than 20 miles this week and no strength-training or yoga. Way fewer. I have "reasons," but they don't matter. While I'd like to get another 100-mile month, trying to do so in November or December is unrealistic (and trying to do it when I'm not actually training for anything might not be realistic either). But an 80-mile month isn't (although catching up at this point might be hard).

In any case, I think I'm still eating like I'm running a hundred miles a month, and that's ill-advised. Time to both dial back the portions and dial up (?) the running. And the strength-training. And the yoga.

Oh, the yoga. I haven't done any in forever. I am horrible at home practice, and because of GOTR, I'm missing my usual class. The fall season ends the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so I'll be able to start back up. I'm having calf/ankle pain that I never had before, but I think it's because during my higher-mileage months, I was also getting in at least one yoga session per week.

We head out of town tonight - after running twice this week - and I hope to run once over the weekend. I'm not sure how the setup is, but I should be able to get in 3 or 4 miles. And I should be able to get in a mile with the girls tonight.

Next week, back to normal. What worked over the summer was running Monday or Tuesday morning, Wednesday night, Friday morning, and a long run on the weekend. I want to go back to that:

Monday or Tuesday morning: 4 miles
Wednesday night: 6 miles
Friday morning: 4 miles
Weekend long run: 6-8 miles (maybe more)

My mood is definitely better when I'm running more too, so those around me should appreciate that.

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