Monday, October 10, 2011

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

Saturday night, Aaron and I went to dinner at Lockview (mac and cheese was totally required before the half-marathon). Because we go there fairly often, the bartenders know that we like to try new stuff (and that we also like to be warned if it's pricey). We found out that they have Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, which is a very limited release, seemingly delicious beer.

Being big fans of the regular breakfast stout, we were quite interested until we learned of the $38 price tag for the 750-ml bottle. We opted out.

Flippantly, later, I said, "If I come in under 2:15 for the half-marathon, I'll buy you that bottle Tuesday night."

Well, I came in at 2:14:09, so guess who's getting CBS on Tuesday? We are!

(And yes, I realize that I don't know how to make deals at all. Shouldn't it have been "if I come in under 2:15, will you buy the CBS?" Oh well, we all still win. Review of the beer forthcoming!)

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