Monday, September 19, 2011

My boyfriend rules Italian steel.

We headed to our friends' house over the weekend. The intent was for Aaron to help get the lights working on our friend's bike. Mission - and more - accomplished!

We got there kind of late on Friday, and Matthew was messing around with his fancy, Italian espresso machine.

A little teamwork by the boys, and all was good. Italian Steel: 0, Boys: 1.

After a few beers, we went to bed. Ali and I had a run scheduled. Up early to run 4 miles and back to the house for breakfast. Matthew made homemade biscuits (and sausage gravy!), Ali made eggs, and then bellies were full.

Then it was time for some work. By other people - all I did was let Ali cut my hair (which was awesome - love having a friend take care of this mess!) while the boys worked on her Lambretta. We perused a crafts fair (mostly ugh) and then came home to a lit Lammie! Italian Steel: 0, Boys: 2!

Once the boys completed their work, it was time to head to Athens for dinner. After dinner, Matthew bought Aaron a pizza (which actually ended up as breakfast yesterday).

Then we headed home where we watched Dallas win, so super-yay! (It was a touchy game and hopefully helped prove that Dallas - and Romo - can persevere. We'll see.)

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