Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Run

The first run is done! As I promised to friends, I took it easy. I ran on the Tallmadge Bike & Hike Trail, which is flat and soft - perfect for getting my legs back into running. And also good for trying out my new shoes.

The run: I started off sluggish, as expected, but I loosened up about 3/4 of a mile in. Then I just cruised. I didn't look at my watch, wasn't paying attention to time or pace. I never felt fast, which was a little worrisome when I thought five or six turkey vultures were going to attack me for getting near whatever dead thing they'd claimed as their own.

The shoes: Honestly, I didn't notice much with the shoes. They're lighter and less cushy than my Nikes, so there was a little concern that it would be more fatiguing for my muscles and tendons in my feet. On this easy run, I didn't notice anything - and I consider that a good thing!

All in all, I felt like I could have gone longer and harder (haha), which is how you're supposed to feel on an easy run. So go me! And although I would like to run tonight, I think I'll save myself for a 5-miler with Ali and Aaron this weekend.

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Carolina John said...

What fun! It's great to get the first run down and get your confidence back up. Now keep going!