Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bull City Rumble

We are back from the Bull City Rumble (and back to real life - working and training), but let us remember the fantastic weekend!

When we arrived in Durham on Friday, we immediately got to celebrating Dr. G*! While there was some High Life, the spotlight was on the champagne.

Dr. Margaret

Then we ate some authentic Mexican food and headed out for night 1 of the Rumble. Those motorcycle people are much more "scheduled" than scooter people. The itinery was followed pretty closely throughout the weekend. We took it easy on Friday because we knew Saturday was going to be a long day.

Aaron, Ali and I started the weekend with a run (GREAT decision, even if it wasn't the best run in the world). We witnessed a car accident (lots of auto damage, but luckily the people were basically okay). Aaron and I got in 8 miles and then headed back to Margaret's house to get ready for the bike show.

Once we got there, we quickly found some food (lunch at Parker and Otis). Before shopping for vintage clothing (no luck for me, unfortunately), I took some pictures.

three smallies surrounding the Sprint

Click it to see more pictures - there were some beautiful bikes.

Triumph Tessy

Orange & Cream Bonnie

Tricolor Ducati Monster

love this Guzzi

Ural sidecar rig

Bull City

Beautiful Bella


And we saw a V7, which is likely to join my stable one day.

Moto Guzzi V7 Classic, my next bike

There were a couple of Speed Triples and one Street Triple, but no Speed Fours. Guess the streetfighters stayed home.

Afterward, we headed home to get ready for Saturday night. Vietnamese for dinner, and then we were off. We largely missed the bands and burlesque - too busy socializing, which is also why I have hardly any pictures. But I do have this pretty one:

Such a pretty girl!

And lots of Pippin!

Aaron and Pippin... again

Sunday was spent hanging out, riding, eating Thai and just generally enjoying Durham. I love it there.

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