Thursday, August 04, 2011

Pretty White Kids with Problems

It was such a pleasant morning to ride the Stella. Too bad I had to ride it into work. Actually, I think that would have been fine with me if were actually Friday like I thought when I woke up - with the song/skit running through my head.

Last night's run went okay. I really should have eaten something beforehand, though. I was a little sluggish, although I doubt that would have improved my performance much. Again, it was a day when I mostly ran by myself. Without someone on my tail, I tend to slow down a bit. I did a great job of pushing myself at the end, though. I also bought more Nuun (fruit punch and strawberry lemonade!) and some more gels. Sunday's run will go well! (At least it's only 10 miles - haha.)

I'm thinking about treadmilling it after work just so I can work on speed (one of these days, I'll accomplish a speed workout outside). But I'll probably just do some weights and make dinner and run Friday morning with Aaron.

Anyhow, I have a to do list that's super-big, so I better get to checking things off.

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