Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Laziness won briefly

Last night, I did nothing but cook and whatnot, meaning no strength-training (and really, I could have - that time eating popcorn could have been spent doing push-ups). And then this morning, it was raining, so no morning run. I will run today, though. If I go at lunch, 3 miles. If I go after work (gym or elsewhere), 4 miles as scheduled. Around lunchtime, I'll check the forecast - I'm thinking Sand Run will be a good spot for today's 4-miler, but I am NOT running in the rain. I do that enough.

I also have a few pictures and a short video I need to upload. They're all the Triumph and nothing really exciting, but I don't want to upload video at work. So hopefully tonight - unless I'm too busy reading The Kid by Sapphire. It's listed as a companion book to Push (the novel that Precious is based on), and already it's just as heart-breaking. I gather it's also more disturbing that Push. It follows the life of her son after she dies of HIV-related complications. Life does not go well for him, it seems.

Bossypants is waiting for me at the library, and I'm going to pick it up today, along with a book about James Meredith, the first African-American to go to University of Mississippi (my dad was part of the military presence there). I'm hoping alternating books will keep me from getting too depressed about The Kid.

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