Tuesday, August 02, 2011

July Wrap-Up

Average Temp: 87 (hot! the average is 84)
Miles run: 89.1 (16 runs, 5.57 miles per run) - last month was 50 miles!
Runs missed: 2 (both last week)
Highest mileage week: 22.1 - week of July 11
Other workouts: 9 (the number is about right - should be 2/week - but I haven't done an "other" workout since the 19th)
Yoga: 4.33 hours of yoga, none since the 19th
Average pace: 11:10 (argh! the distance and the heat/humidity got to me in July)
Races: none

We had several 90-plus days this month, and I guess I'm just not used to that! Between the heat and humidity and the increase in mileage, I really saw my pace slip. I only had a couple of "good" runs. I'm hoping tomorrow morning's run will be a good one! Mornings are rough, but at least it won't be too hot yet. I hate how sluggish I've been. (Should I try a 5-Hour Energy beforehand? I hate to get used to that, especially for 4- and 5-mile runs.)

I'm confident that August will be a good month. We are scaling back our travel plans for the month, and I'm not going to worry too much about other workouts. Two per week is still my goal - mostly one strength, one yoga - but my focus is obviously on my running right now. I have the half on Sept. 11 (and another half on Oct. 9 because I am crazy). I'm really hoping for under 2.5 hours for the half, and I was way slower than that on Friday's 11-miler. There is much work to be done. August will be a month of experimenting with what works best for me - diet, sleep, hydration, mid-run fueling.

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