Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Daily Eats

I thought it might be fun to start visually tracking what I eat each day. I seem to not be very good at keeping up with such things, but here goes. (Note to self: If I'm going to take pictures of this, I need to start using more attractive containers. Today is not that day.) (Another note to self: This would be easier with an iPhone or a cell that takes better pictures. As I do not have either of those, my point-and-shoot - and manual uploading - will have to suffice. I hope it is not my downfall.)


08-02-11 Breakfast

Accompanying the Zone bar, there's water in the Kleen Kanteen and iced Nervous Dog coffee with cream in the non-environmentally friendly red cup.

11am Snack:

08-02-11 Snack

More water, hot chocolate, and yogurt. And I'm seeing that this exercise is really going to showcase how much plastic I waste. Sorry, Earth. I'll try to do better.


08-02-11 Lunch

Huge lunch! I found a cup of elbow macaroni in the cabinet last night, so I boiled it up in some chicken stock with cracked black pepper and crushed red pepper. Then I stir-fried some frozen red pepper strips, and then I added it all together and topped it with more crushed red pepper and some Romano cheese. It's tasty, but could use a little fat. I stopped at the store for salad-makings and strawberries to fortify my lunch, and here we are. Tomorrow's lunch will greatly resemble today's. Some pasta (3/4 to 1 cup), a few crackers with hummus, strawberries, and baby spinach with pepper jack and champagne vinaigrette. Water and Diet Mountain Dew to drink.

Afternoon Snack:

Not really much of a snack, and I didn't even finish the pack - that's for tomorrow!


Well, I forgot to take a picture! An Arrogant Bastard with a chicken parm sandwich and some fries. Now I'm having a White Rascal as my sleepy pop.

G'night, all!


ZonePerfect said...

Happy to hear you're a ZonePerfect fan! Is that your favorite flavor? ~Brittany @ZonePerfect

Adrienna said...

Possibly, but I really like cookie dough!