Monday, August 08, 2011

10 miles... again

Yesterday was another 10-miler. I didn't prep the best for it (an afternoon of drinking in the sun doesn't do much for your hydration), but I felt okay until the last 2.5 miles or so. I didn't take in enough calories, but I think dehydration was the bigger issue (it wasn't until last night that my pee stopped looking like apple juice - sorry for the TMI, but that's how I am).

My time was almost exactly the same as my time for the first time I did 10 miles, but I felt better during that run. (I felt worse after, though, because I tweaked something while running in mud).

I have 12 miles on the schedule for next weekend. That should be interesting. I'm doing at least two gels during the run, and I'm bringing three, just in case. We're going out of town Saturday, so we need to figure out when we'll do the 12. Friday evening or EARLY Saturday morning. It'll take me a long time to do it - 2.5 hours? - so planning is essential. I've resigned as activities director, so it's now Aaron's job to work out these details. He's totally slacking in his duties.

Aaron may be in charge of planning our long run, but I can plan the rest of my workouts:

Monday: strength-training
Tuesday: run 4 miles, yoga
Wednesday: run 5 miles
Thursday: strength-training, run 4 miles (if running Saturday)
Friday: rest or run 12 miles
Saturday: rest or run 12 miles
Sunday: rest

Running the 12 miles on Saturday is the most likely. Hopefully we can get up at, like, 5 am to do them because we have to get down to Marietta for Rivers, Trails and Ales.

We know the girl who is organizing it, and our other friend is a sponsor. We may spend the day riding scooters instead of participating in the rivers and trails part of things, but I promise, we'll do a great job on the ales part!

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