Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer lovin'

I had another pretty good weekend! I really can't complain about much (I also realized today that I haven't driven since the third week of June - yay, summer!). Friday night, we took off on the Triumphs to Pittsburgh for the night. We stayed with our friend, had dinner and hung out. I took only one picture this weekend: Seema shaving Bingley as part of Leprosy 2011. (Bingley has a rash, and Seema just discovered more. Poor pup.)

Then we rode back on Saturday. That was the worst part of the weekend, actually. Well, getting out of Pitts particularly. My Triumph is misfiring off idle, so it's a little annoying. It was a nice ride as long as I was above 3,000 RPM (which is easily enough achieved outside of around-town riding).

We took it easy Saturday night - Chinese for dinner, a couple of beers at Ray's afterward. We had to get to bed early for our EIGHT-MILE run on Sunday morning (see other post). After knocking that out, we took the scooters out for lunch. I made Aaron ride the smallie for a while afterward to determine whether the noisiness is okay. He thinks it is, so I'll continue to ride it. I am thinking about a different kit, though. The power's fine, but the DR kit makes me nervous now. And it's so noisy! I want to put the Malossi exhaust back on just to camouflage some of the noise :)

I also bought a few things (new hat and gels for running). And groceries. Then dinner with Aaron's dad. Before dinner, Aaron straightened the floorboards on the P200.

We were quite productive yesterday!

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