Friday, July 01, 2011

June fades into July.

What? I didn't post yesterday? Crazy.

June wasn't the best month as far as working out goes. My mileage came in .15 under 50 miles. My times were largely slow. Only two yoga workouts and two strength workouts, plus a couple of other hikes. 13 runs for an average of 3.83 miles per run. 7 other workouts. Oh well. July is another month.

My mileage will go up for July, and our level of out-of-town activity will go down. We only have one trip in July, I think. Not sure what we'll do about our long run that weekend, but I'll figure that out closer to the weekend.

I failed to get up this morning to run, so now I have to run after work. It'll be kind of hot, but I don't necessarily mind that.

I think the heat mellows out the body or something. I should probably get in a strength session beforehand.

In other news, I have ridden to work all week - the Triumph twice, the smallie twice and the Stella once. I had to change the spark plug in the Stella - totally fouled - and Aaron adjusted my mixture again, so I need to ride it again to make sure it's running right. Maybe tonight for dinner.

I do love having a choice on what to ride!

We don't really have any plans this weekend, although a plan might be coming together for Sunday. We have our long run on Sunday - 7 miles! - and then, I think we'll hook up with some friends. Not sure if we'll go there or if they'll come here.

Saturday will be spent on my Cub! I think I have everything I *need* to get the bike on the road - tires, tubes, chain, front sprocket, oil, spark plug. Eventually, I would like to get a new seat, and I need a rear passenger peg cover, but those are not important in the short-term. I may also get a new exhaust and possibly a kit, but that'll depend on whether I really like riding it. If I don't, I'll just sell it on Craigslist.

I got my hair trimmed last night - feels so much healthier. The ends were pretty dry. I had the stylist bring back the long sideswept bangs. They're a tad short right now, but that's okay - they won't need trimmed or get weird as quickly. I might want them a little thicker, but I'm not sure. In any case, my forehead is too small for the kind of bangs I really want. And I'm too lazy for them.

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