Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day!

A few things on this hot, humid Wednesday:
  • I used to have this little blog set up to automatically import into Facebook. Well, no more. It was always a bit inconsistent, but it usually imported the blog the same day as the blog posted. Unfortunately yesterday, my Facebook friends saw an onslaught of posts from me in their news feeds (I'm probably hidden now!) because Fb imported a ton of blog posts all at once. Annoying! I don't know whether to blame Blogger or Facebook, but regardless, it's turned off.
  • I've run 56 miles this month, and I have another 5 on the schedule for tonight (reminder: must hydrate - we're talking 90+ temps). I've been working out hard (for me, that is). Six days of workouts (four runs, two yoga and/or strength-training usually), and I think it's making me tired. I'll adjust... eventually. It's amazing that other people work out way harder than that!
  • I rode the Triumph to work today (it was hot already this morning!). Yep, still misfiring. It didn't miraculously cure itself in the garage. I need to take it to Aaron's shop tonight so he can change the spark plugs sometime (bike has to be cool to do the plugs). Hopefully that's the problem (and rusty outer spark plugs are a known issue around 10k); coils are pricier. Aaron should be able to tell when he changes the plugs if they're the culprit of the misfires and general low-RPM shitty running.

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