Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekly Check-In

Last week, I ran over 15 miles -- including one speed session and one interval session! -- did two strength-training sessions and ... zero yoga. I usually go to yoga on Tuesdays, but Tuesday was Aaron's birthday.

This week, I'm hoping to go to yoga twice. I have my 10k on Sunday, and I feel extremely unprepared. I ran three miles this morning, and they were the typical slow, junk miles that I usually do first thing in the morning (need to get past that ... or start lying to myself that I'm doing tempo runs then?). In any case, paired with Saturday's shitty 6-mile run, this morning's run is the kind of run that makes me wonder how I'm going to finish the 10k strong.

My plan this week is to do everything I can to ensure a good race on Sunday. No red meat after Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure that everything is digested well. Be in bed by 10:15 every night. Drink lots of water and go easy on beer and caffeine.

After work, I'll do some weights at home because I didn't feel like bringing clothes for the gym (well, I didn't feel like wearing a backpack, and I was already wearing one bag). Commuting on the smallie is kind of difficult if I have to bring anything with me. I could barely get my lunch in the glovebox (in fact, I tossed part of it and decided to eat my breakfast as lunch and just eat a bar for breakfast).

Luckily, commuting on the Triumph and the Stella is easier. I think the smallie is best left for days I'm eating out (of course, since I am in hard-core break-in mode, I will tough it out for the next month).

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