Monday, April 18, 2011

Training recap of Sorts

It's been a while since I posted anything.

Last week went pretty well, actually. 4-mile runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One interval session. Two yoga sessions. Two strength sessions. Let's hope this week follows suit!

This week's plan:

Monday: 4-mile run (check!), strength
Tuesday: yoga, maybe a 3-mile interval session
Wednesday: 4-mile run, maybe strength
Thursday: yoga, maybe cross-train or strength
Friday: 4-mile run, maybe a quick strength routine

We're visiting Adam this weekend, so nothing for Saturday and Sunday. Oddly, I have next Monday off, so hopefully the weather will cooperate for a 6-mile run. I also have a massage (thanks, Groupon!), and Monday might be a good day for that. But I'm totally getting ahead of myself.

I also REALLY need to post my pictures from the first 4.5 months of 2011. This includes FYBO and Cocoa Beach. I don't have many from those events, but there are some. Maybe I'll take some pictures this weekend.

I really need my next phone to have a good camera.

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