Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kind of on track...

Newish Shoes
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I first wore these shoes right before the Chili 5k (I think I had two runs in before the race). According to Daily Mile, I have 33 miles on them. Of course, I realized that, for some reason, it hasn't been recording my gear, so I had to backtrack and update gear for several workouts. Not sure if I got them all. Oh well, it's close enough. (I'm actually thinking about purchasing another pair of shoes for afternoon runs and using these soley for morning runs. Sometimes they seem a bit tight.)

Anyhow, as of yesterday, about halfway through the month, I hit 24 miles running. So I'm mostly on target with my goal to run 50 miles in March. Being close to target is encouraging, more encouraging than if I were ahead of schedule. I don't want to slack off! Of course, I say this right now, when it's not time to run.

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