Monday, March 21, 2011

I need a new hobby.

Unemployment = Adri's Art
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I need a new hobby. Not a new drug. Drugs are bad.

I am not crafty or creative. I don't really do yoga or run enough for them to be considered hobbies. I have the motorbikes, but that's limited. Hell, I don't even read enough for it to be a hobby. I have a history of failed hobbies (knitting is probably the most recent, but Aaron will never forget my foray into making my own lip balm). I don't write anymore; I can't even think of anything I would want to write. I don't care enough about fashion or remixing clothing.

I think I want a hobby that involves other people. I'm also looking for something on the cheap. I suppose I could go back to coloring with markers. (Those were on the backs of envelopes. I'm sure the recipients of those cards were quite thrilled.) Of course, I would have to buy new markers, and that's not in the budget right now.

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