Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I appear to be in a running slump. That sucks, but I'm hoping it'll run its course (haha) shortly. I think all of the treadmill time has gotten to me, or maybe it's the enthusiasm of the January Joiners?

I have been working out, though with more focus on strength-training and less time with cardio. That's probably a good thing. It'll help when I'm back to longer distances. So for now, I'll stick with shorter, 2.5- to 3-mile runs, rounded out with yoga and weights. Spring, please come quickly!

I've been hearing "The Distance Between Us" by the Dead Weather over and over in my head this morning (only interrupted by "Kings Crossing"). Seems like it sums up a bit how I feel during this dreary winter.
I'm not the way that you found me
I'm never here or there
One day I'm happy and healthy
Next I ain't doing so well
Thanks to Absolut(ly) Fit's glowing recommendation, I picked up a Rachel Cosgrove book to help me on my strength-training routines. I didn't get to it last night (too busy reading Thirteen Reasons Why) and I'm not sure if I'll have time tonight (dinner with Aaron's cousins), but soon, I promise. I also have to do my nails this obnoxious shade of royal blue. Oh, all of the things I have to do!

Sidenote: The Mechanic comes out Friday. Thanks to Jason Statham, I know I'm not the only girl looking forward to this action flick. Perhaps we'll even go see it this weekend. I can't remember the last movie we saw.

Also, the motorcycle show is this weekend. New Triumphs!

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