Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quick recap, pictures coming

I keep putting off a quick birthday post because I'm certain I'll get to a picture I want to include, like:

* a picture of me in my zombie prom queen outfit from the work Halloween party
* a picture of me in my new motorcycle jacket that Aaron bought me for my birthday
* a picture and/or video of my Triumph

But pictures are nowhere to be found right now.

Friday was our work Halloween party, and after a day of wearing that prom dress (again -- it was my dress for the Zombie Prom too), I was so over Halloween. No more Halloween until next year, I guess. I dressed up three times this fall: Zombie Prom, masquerade ball, and Halloween. Over it.

Aaron and I went to Bacchus Lounge for dinner, and it was really good. The food prices are totally affordable; the drinks, not so much. Definintely will go back though.

Saturday was ... da da da ... the revival of the Triumph! It runs. I have proof on my camera, but I haven't unloaded my camera yet. Now I just need to make an appointment to get the highway patrol to inspect it so I can get my rebuild title. It's hard to be super-motivated, though -- it's freezing right now!

In other news, I've officially been sick for a month. Annoying!

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