Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's getting cold!

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This morning was the coldest "run" yet. I use quotes because it was a terrible run. Between getting over this chest congestion stuff and the cold, I was slow (although not really all that miserable, at least after the halfway point). I also have started using the Garmin so I have a more accurate account of distance and time (as opposed to using Gmaps Pedometer and the stove clock).

I admit that I did take it easy -- cold air and congested lungs could lead to an asthma attack -- but I didn't have any problems. I think I need to push more on the next run.

This cold weather is really starting to dry out my skin. I've been hydrating like crazy, and it's not enough.

At lunch, I think I'm going to look for some additional gear. My legs were still cold when I got home, and I really don't think they should be. I'd like to pick up a hat for Aaron and a headband for me (I don't think the fleece headband -- without any wicking material -- is the best choice).

I think I'm going to try some running tights (with shorts layered on top -- no one wants to see me running around in just running tights!). I also want to investigate gloves because I don't think what we have is the best choice either.

I also don't want to spend a lot of money. Wish me luck.

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