Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, shut up.

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel Have Valentine's Girl Crushes

God, women can be annoying. What the hell's with women becoming "besties" when they do movies together? I thought it was just an annoying Drew Barrymore thing (remember Charlie's Angels and Whip It?), but apparently not. I subscribe to Marie Claire so I have the issue where JG and JB talk about how much they love each other and how much they bonded while filming a movie that looks terrible (isn't it trying WAY TOO HARD? As Jamie said, casting every working actor doesn't make the movie any more appealing). Men just don't bond like women do. Shut up.

And for the record, all the bitching about the Super Bowl ads being misogynist and whatnot? Relax and shut up. But you're right, bad commercials are not saved by hot women (ok, sometimes maybe they are). But also, some women are harpy bitches who don't "let" their boyfriends/husbands do fun things. And many men use their "ball and chain" wives as excuses not to do things or as reasons to grow the heck up.

And yes, all of my blog posts are inspired by my Google Reader.

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